Monday, January 24, 2011

Hawaiian Designs

Hawaii reminds us of the glorious beaches and Hula dancers dressed in colorful flowers. This theme can also be applied to nail art designs. However, these designs are not very simple. These are suited for those who have a good hand at painting. If you have a skillful hand, you could paint beaches, waves, surfers and Hula dancers on the nails. For those of you who cannot manage to paint these complicated pictures, you could still bring Hawaii on your nails by painting bright flower rings and garlands of your finger nails. You could even paint figures of people in black and then adorn them with colorful flower tiaras and garlands.

hawaiian nail art design

hawaiian hibiscus

blue hawaiian nail art

Animal Designs Nail Art

Tiger, Zebra and Dalmatian designs are quite popular among the animal nail art designs. For the tiger skin nail design, apply a yellow acrylic basal coat. Apply it twice for a thicker and better finish. Then apply smudges of orange color on the nail at different areas. After it dries paint thick zig zag lines using black acrylic paint. The zig zag pattern should be thick at the base and tapering towards the other end. And the patterns must be in alternating fashion. Thich means, if one base is thick, the stripe next to it should be tapering and so on. For a Zebra design, you could do the same by applying white acrylic paint as the basal coat and then paint stripes of black. The stripes of Zebra are not like the Tiger, so paint thinner ones. Have some stripes in one direction and some in the other to make it look like Zebra stripes. You could even add some glitter to make it look more attractive. To create a Dalmatian design, just paint smudges of black paint on a white base.

zebra nail art design

tiger nail art design

bee nail art design

butterflies nail art design

leopard nail art design

slag nail art design
goose nail art design

zebra nail polish

Marine Life Nail Art Designs

For marine life designs, you would require blue acrylic paint and a bit of white acrylic paint for the base coat. Apply transparent varnish onto the blue sea-like coat and then paint tiny fish on the nails. Using green paint, you could draw thin weeds through which the fish are swimming around. A slight touch of a darker shade of green along with the green on the weeds, would give it natural look. A few pebbles can be painted at the base with brown and white paint. Apart from the fish design, you could even consider painting star fish and tiny seahorses on the nails. Whales and dolphins are other good options.
marine nail art design

the blue sea nail art
fishes manicure
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